Superannuation Shouldn’t Be Hard

Superannuation doesn’t need to hard, confusing or complicated. You are working hard now to provide for your family, but it’s crucial to ensure that you are providing for your retirement as well.

Based on the current financial situation of most Australian’s, superannuation will form most of their retirement income. Over the last ten years, the superannuation industry has changed dramatically. What this means is that your default ‘set and forget’ super plan might not be as effective as you first thought.

Or maybe you aren’t contributing as much as you should to provide the retirement you have always dreamed of.

Here at National Super Solutions we are obsessed with teaching you how to build wealth via your superannuation. We aren’t like a standard super fund – we offer individual advice to help you achieve your goals.

Many Australian’s are disconnected from their superannuation and together we are going to change this for you.

When considering your superannuation plan, there are three main areas to consider; Salary Sacrificing, Self-Managed and Transition to Retirement.

Salary Sacrificing

Many employers pay the ‘super guarantee’ rate of 9.5% into your allocated super fund. You can, however, make additional contributions. Depending on your situation, there could be many benefits gained from doing this, including more retirement savings and reduced tax.

Find out if this is right for your situation

Transition to Retirement

If you are heading towards retirement, then ‘transition to retirement’ might be an option for you. If you would like to cut back on work, you may be able to draw on your superannuation.

The Australian Government has specific requirements for this strategy, however, we can walk you through the process, ensuring it’s the best option for you.

Used effectively this can provide you with more leisure time before you retire completely.

Speak to us today, and we can explore your superannuation options together.


Superannuation is money that will let you enjoy the time of your life when the time comes to retire, so take control of your super today!

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Cheaper premiums, easy to pay, increased cover, and tax-effective cover

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