Aged Care Payment Options

on Thu 23 Sep 2021 in Superannuation

When it comes time to investigate residential aged care for yourself, your partner, parent or relative, the search for a facility and how to pay for it can seem daunting. The system is complex, and decisions often need to be made in the midst of a health crisis.

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Market Movements and Economic Review for September 2021

on Thu 09 Sep 2021 in Economy

Stay up to date with what's happened in Australian markets over the past month.

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August Review

on Tue 24 Aug 2021 in Economy

Stay up to date with what's happened in Australian markets over the past month.

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Covid-19 Relief Schemes

on Wed 14 Jul 2021 in Uncategorised

As we navigate ongoing lockdowns due to COVID-19 across Australia, here is a guide to the latest benefits you may be entitled to from the Federal and State Governments.

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New Financial Year Rings in Super Changes

on Mon 05 Jul 2021 in Superannuation

As the new financial year gets underway, there are some big changes to superannuation that could add up to a welcome lift in your retirement savings.

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How Much Super Is Enough

on Mon 22 Mar 2021 in Superannuation

Most of us dream of the day we can stop working and start ticking off our bucket list. Whether you dream of cruising Alaska, watching the sun rise over Uluru, improving your golf handicap or spending time with the grandkids, superannuation is likely to be a major source of your retirement income.

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Benefits Of A Super Long Engagement

on Mon 15 Mar 2021 in Superannuation

Superannuation is a long-term financial relationship. It begins with our first job, grows during our working life and hopefully supports us through our old age.

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Keeping the Economy Moving

on Fri 12 Mar 2021 in Economy

The Morrison Government’s mind-bogglingly large support packages to get Australians through the COVID-19 shutdown have dominated headlines, and rightly so. Only months ago, the Australian economy was in relatively good shape and headed for a Budget surplus.

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Golden Rules of Investing

on Thu 11 Mar 2021 in Investing

At first glance, investing can seem daunting. So much complex information and so little time to absorb and act on it when you’re busy getting on with life. It’s little wonder that so many of us put it in the too hard basket for longer than is good for our wealth.

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Making The Most Of Falling Interest Rates

on Wed 10 Mar 2021 in Budgeting

The Reserve Bank’s decision to cut official interest rates is good news for anyone with a mortgage or hoping to buy their first home, but presents a challenge for savers. Whatever your personal situation, the question now is how to make the most of falling rates.

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Superannuation is money that will let you enjoy the time of your life when the time comes to retire, so take control of your super today!

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