Find Your Lost Super

Please, don't let this be you!

Sadly, there is over $16 billion dollars of unclaimed or lost superannuation!

Some of this hard-earned money could be yours.

Often through no fault of their own, an increasing number of Australians have missing or unclaimed superannuation.

If you have moved to a new house, changed your name or changed jobs – you could have lost track of a superannuation account.

If you have more than one account, you could be paying multiple admin fees, multiple investment fees and multiple insurance premiums.

Every day you don’t claim and consolidate could be costing you. The fees and premiums can eat into your savings power, ultimately reducing your retirement fund.

Today is the day to claim your super accounts and National Super Solutions can help.

We offer a free no obligation ‘find my super’ service. We can locate and consolidate your accounts and then help you grown your retirement fund.

The process is hassle free and simple. Contact us today.

Don't let the ATO take your money!

If you don’t act soon, the ATO could claim your super accounts, which means you won’t be earning a return on your investments.

This happens when; your contact information is outdated, and no money has been added for at least 5 years.

Remember, National Super Solutions can help. Use our free and easy – find my super – service today. Contact us today.

You might have one or many super accounts you weren’t aware of. What do you have to lose?

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Superannuation is money that will let you enjoy the time of your life when the time comes to retire, so take control of your super today!

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Cheaper premiums, easy to pay, increased cover, and tax-effective cover

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You work hard. You deserve a secure retirement and to have your family protected. We can help!

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