Insurance: Real Protection for the One’s You Love

Have you considered what would happen to your partner and children if you were unable to work?

How would they pay the rent?

Put food on the table?

How many weeks could they survive?

Or what if you were unable to work again? Or even worse you weren’t around any longer?

Insurance is never a pleasant conversation, but one that needs to be had.

You work hard and your family should be looked after. But most Australians don’t have insurance to protect what matters the most – themselves and their family.

And those who do are grossly underinsured.

We believe you should have the conversation once, get it sorted and then sleep easy knowing you and your family are protected.

National Super Solutions can assist with the four main types of personal insurance you need to protect yourself and family; Income Protection, Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) and Trauma.

Many of these can be included with your superannuation, reliving the pressure on the family budget. We can recommend the best cover for you and your family.

Income Protection

Sickness or injury can affect anyone, regardless of age, income or occupation. If you rely on your income to pay your bills, buy groceries, or anything else required to live, you should consider income protection. Income protection covers lost income for a set period of time if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury. Income protection is designed for self-employed, contractors, small business owners or professionals whose business relies heavily on their ability to work.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is about protecting your family and future-proofing their financial future. Does your family rely on your income? If the answer is yes, then it is worth considering life insurance. Life insurance will pay a set amount of money when the insured person passes away. The money will go to nominated beneficiaries, generally your partner or children.

Find out if this is right for your situation

Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD)

Total and permanent disablement (TPD) insurance is designed to lessen the financial burden if you are injured or suffer from an illness that leaves you totally or permanently disabled. This policy is designed for working Australians that would be unable to continue working. If you are unable to work again, total and permanent disablement insurance cover will provide you with a lump sum payment to assist with your everyday financial commitments, as well as any ongoing medical care and/or lifestyle adjustments to help with your quality of life.

Trauma Insurance

It is worth having protection in place for you and your family should you contract or suffer from a critical condition, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke. Trauma insurance is designed to help you cover the initial and long-term financial pressures that come with a serious illness in the form of a one-off lump sum payment.

We can recommend the best insurance and cover for you and your family. Often insurance premiums can come from your superannuation, meaning you don’t need to find the extra money in your budget but, you are protected.


Superannuation is money that will let you enjoy the time of your life when the time comes to retire, so take control of your super today!

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Cheaper premiums, easy to pay, increased cover, and tax-effective cover

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